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Thanks to the experience it has gained from evolutive CRM solutions and consulting services in consumer goods and retail, B&B Market offer a new solution for sales force workload simulation: SALES AREA MANAGEMENT.

Innovative offer

This simulator allows you to autonomously simulate different organization patterns to evaluate the impact of coverage modifications (adding/deleting stores, inter sector transfers…) and/or commercial pressure (store or franchise visit rates, operation prioritization…) or workloads.

The profitability is the driver of commercial organization adjustments.

Optimize your commercial organization workloads to increase your performances, this is the keyword or SALES AREA MANAGEMENT.

➜Create hypothesis (simulations) and measure the workloads impacts on commercial prioritization.

➜Spread temporarily the clients/sectors and evaluate the optimal workloads.

➜Aim the sales force calibration depending on available resources and sectors loads balance vs optimized commercial pressure.

Main module

Sales area management


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