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A new visual identity

Why change our image?

When B&B Market got a new positioning, it appeared necessary to change our visual identity: it is time for a makeover.

As our first ambassador, the logo is way more than a visual, it broadcast our DNA, our values, our brand image… With such a symbolic range, taking the decision to push forward its identity was a real challenge for us.

Thus, after a long process focused on creation and collaborating with a young Parisian communication agency, B&B refresh itself.

Here is our new logo with a clever mix of colors, design and graphics:simplicity, sobriety and curves mix to produce a logo between lightness and dynamism.


The stakes:

  • B&B Market’s positioning, around a double expertise: CRM solutions and Data/Consulting. The challenge was to reconnect these two field of expertise, thus the interconnection of the two circles with different shades of blue.
  • Our DNA: Business expertise, flexibility, innovation
  • Our values; Professionalism, Quality, Skills
  • Over the years, our company evolved, our solutions and services offer has also evolved.


This is not the first time we do a makeover and this will for sure not be the last.

Once again, this visual brand langage evolution is the proof of our ability to rethink ourselves to be able to face new challenges and market issues.

Identité visuelle

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