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Launch of the SOLVNet SALES BOOK

B&B Market will hold several morning events in the B&B Market premises on the theme “Selling levers for your sales force”

  • 01/22/2018 – from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
  • 02/01/2018 – from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Other sessions will be offered from the end of February 2018.

For information, please contact Nathalie Dubuy: 

The B&B Market team will be pleased to welcome you to its premises around a breakfast to present its Sales Book:

  • Manage and use the sales pitches and visuals of your CRM SOLVNet V2
  • Prepare the visit: Integrate all the support elements for sales to develop relevant actions.

The effectiveness of a commercial argument depends largely on the quality of the information that salespeople prepare upstream of the POS visit, according to the context of each point of sale.

The SOLVNET V2 Sales Book optimizes the efficiency of your sales force, from the preparation phase of the visit to the monitoring of the highlights and the negotiations with the sales outlets.

Native interfacing with your SOLVNet CRM, the Sales Book works in Online / Offline while standardizing existing presentation materials in your company.

The SOLVNet Sales Book has been designed to optimize pre-sales, value your sales force, bring an innovative and modern image to your company.


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