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B&B Market joins Nomadia

B&B Market joins Nomadia

Created out of the merger in 2021 of 3 leading software publishers in their respective markets B&B Market, GEOCONCEPT and Danem, Nomadia is France’s leading publisher of smart mobility SaaS solutions that address all the day-to-day needs of field-based professionals, such as salespeople, driver-delivery personnel and maintenance technicians.

All our solutions and services aim to transform mobility into a trump card, by providing simple and feature-rich applications enabling your co-workers to become a more capable, more productive workforce.

By approaching mobility as an opportunity and not as a constraint, smart mobility becomes an innovative and responsible competitive enabler for companies, ensuring the efficiency, effectiveness, and well-being of their co-workers, and enabling them to better satisfy their customers’ needs.

As a responsible company that is respectful of the environment, Nomadia offers its customers smart solutions for managing and optimizing their activities, helping them to address their own environmental challenges.

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